Collecting  Photons

E quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle. (Dante, Inferno XXXIV)

Van den Bergh 152 in Cepheus



Film and chips and computers

Welcome on my gallery of astronomical subjects holding twenty discontinuous years of film and digital imaging. The way I see it, all those photons that traveled for so long would be wasted without anybody caring about them. I try to collect at least a few...

My observatory is in Tuscany, on a hilly town nearby Pisa. Since the spring of 2005 I have mounted my telescope on a permanent pier but beforehand I traveled around searching dark spots for imaging, reaching as far away as Joshua Tree or the Andes. From the end of 2006 I have built a permanent observatory around the pier and this has been the single best thing I have ever done for my astrophotography work!

The web site is, and probably will always be, a work in progress and it is often updated with the latest imaging efforts. Thanks for visiting.


What's new!

New pictures added to the web site in the last year



Something about my equipment and the building of an observatory.

Nebulae - winter

From right ascension 0 hr to 12 hr (Cassiopea to Monoceros)


Nebulae - summer

From right ascension 0 hr to 12 hr (from Scorpio to Sagittarius)

Narrow Band Imaging



Planetary Nebulae

Smallish and roundish fuzzies.

Star clusters

Lots, and lots of stars and some nebulae, here and there...


A faint attempt at making my processing clear

Going places in the Solar System


The Milky way

Wide field images of the closest galaxy of all.


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